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Recommendations / Peer reviews

Dr. Darlene F. Eastridge Dean, Carver School of Social Work and Counseling

“David is an articulate communicator in both written and oral language. His skills as a writer are remarkable and his command of language and vocabulary are pristine, yet, he speaks and communicates at a level understandable by all people, regardless of their education level. I have witnessed David’s great love for people. He is a very engaging and personable person and David is enjoyable to be around and to work with.”

Veronica Batista Account Manager, Social Media Specialist with

“First of all, the title of the [ANC] book is really good. I think it truly captivates people’s attention. I also like the fact that you used real stories/quotes in your book, which makes it much more interesting. It’s great too that you have the challenges, which are cool and call people to take action. Yes, definitely ANC is a process that can help people expand their life and their career not only mentally but emotionally.”

Dr. Mark Deaton, Ph.D, LPCC, LCADC Co-owner and Administrator of Deaton & Deaton Counseling & Consulting, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. David Kingsbury and getting to know him both professionally and somewhat personally. His dedication to detail is nothing short of impressive, as it seems there is little that escapes his scrutiny. His keen eye and sense of analysis were of significant enhancement to the utilization process of clinical records.

Mr. Kingsbury’s sense of analysis extended beyond the tangible attributes of record keeping. He exhibited great psychological insight and awareness in the areas of mental health diagnostics and accompanying treatment. Also, his insight extended into the area of education, as Mr. Kingsbury had formulated several instructive programs regarding both clinical diagnosis and treatment/program development.

I think the ANC model is fabulous! It is a very holistic approach via the systems [David has] incorporated. I feel this would benefit avenues in typical therapy as well as an elevated academic breakdown of how to approach and develop wrap-around services.”


Dr. Christopher Canon, Licensed Psychologist

“I’ve just finished looking over your book and I’m impressed. In typical DK style, it’s very thorough. I was pleasantly surprised, though, at how readable and engaging I found it. Not only are these examples individually interesting, I think they combine to provide a sense of the breadth and depth of your experience, which is important in developing confidence. I also appreciate the effort you took to provide a more traditional overview of ANC concepts in your appendix. I wish you luck with this project and others.”

Wendy Brannock, MS, CPC

“I’m a Certified Professional Coder with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management. I have 25 years of experience in medical coding, provider credentialing, insurance claim filing, and database setup. Several years ago, I was asked to assist a treatment agency with its transition from donor-based funding to one in which insurance claims were filed for reimbursement. Some processes were already in place, but the goal was to create a formal billing department. This was a challenging and rewarding experience. It was there that I met David Kingsbury.

David was hired as a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Executive Director, but his duties did not stop there. He was energetic, optimistic, and professional. His education, past employment and personal experiences made him uniquely qualified for the task of helping the organization obtain formal accreditation.

There were several steps involved in obtaining accreditation including but not limited to policy manual updates and medical records development.

David was quickly recognized as someone who could help the organization with those steps. He worked in a clinical and in an administrative capacity by not only providing counseling to patients, but also by training and supervising staff.

David was credited with writing many of the policies required by insurance companies as well as those needed to obtain and maintain CARF accreditation.

David worked with the clinical and administrative staff to create the forms and the format of the individual patient charts. He was also responsible for establishing a HIPAA compliant Medical Records Department.

It was a hectic time for staff with many changes. The organization was being taken in new directions that would allow for the growth needed to meet the demands of a substance abuse epidemic.

The transition required a 100% commitment from the staff and volunteers and at times it was uncomfortable and overwhelming. But all those involved persevered by remaining committed to the goal and to each other.

In hindsight, the process mirrored the techniques of Accelerated NeuroConversion (ANC). The organizational vision was redirected for greater outreach and recognition. The former methods were replaced with streamlined and more efficient techniques. This allowed the organization to achieve greater potential and in turn allowed it to duplicate the process with greater speed, as evidenced by the addition of several more treatment facilities and staff members in a relatively short period of time.

Repetition breeds proficiency, and that phrase, although an oversimplification, is how I would describe Accelerated NeuroConversion (ANC). It is a process by which one replaces a bad habit with a good one while maintaining a commitment to a better life and ultimate success.

The techniques discussed in [the pages of his book “It’s Totally Possible”] are not isolated to the treatment of addiction. They are instead written for you and me. Anyone with identifiable goals and a desire to achieve them can benefit from ANC. As David states, ‘There’s truly nothing holding you back but yourself.”


Michael Cox, M.Ed., NCC, LPCC President, Isaiah House, Inc.

“David [served] as our Clinical Director, allowing me the honor of getting to know him on a personal level. I can attest to his commitment and modeling of the highest standards of the counseling profession. David is a man of integrity and has gained the utmost respect of his colleagues.”

Keith McMahan Facilities Manager, Campbellsville Independent School District

“I had the privilege of working with David at the Campbellsville Lay Led Rally for Christ. David was one of eight speakers that led the rally and was very instrumental in displaying Christ’s love. David was innovative in the way he presented his message. In closing, he presented a gift to the one who could list all the points he made during the message. This rally supported two charities, The Taylor County Ministerial Assoc. Food Pantry, and Campbellsville Pregnancy Crisis Relief Center. The rally raised [several thousand dollars] for these two charities.”

Dr. John E. Hurtgen Dean, Campbellsville University School of Theology

“I remember [David] for his solid character, engaging personality and interpersonal skills, his superior academic work, as well as his creative writing abilities. He is truly multi-talented, the only student in my eighteen years who not only transferred in several credit hours in small engine repair and carpentry but who has now published a couple of works…and is working on a new book! Mr. Kingsbury is a gifted speaker, exercising that gift many times at CU. He has a strong and maturing commitment to serving Christ and helping people. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you.”

James L. Cravens Executive Director, Housing & Redevelopment Authority

“You may look far and beyond but I don’t believe you will find anyone more honest and truthful than David Kingsbury, and I extend my highest recommendation.”

Dallas E. George Attorney at Law

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Mr. Kingsbury in my professional capacity. He impressed me with his ability to discern complicated legal issues. He is very bright, very organized, and has the interpersonal skills that enable him to work well with others. More importantly, Mr. Kingsbury is a man of principles and ethics which I place an extremely high value on in today’s world. I highly recommend Mr. Kingsbury.”

Dr. Nelson Jose Tiburcio, PhD  CEO, The SASSI Institute

“I read [David Kingsbury’s book] and found it very enlightening! David, it seems evident that you have really spread your wings with this work, congratulations! I sense that you wanted to reconcile dense information to make it “user friendly,” while simultaneously presenting it in as simple and consumable a method as possible. You have accomplished this well! The premise that the dialogue within this tome is “intentionally relatable” is indeed true. You have done an excellent job of explaining Accelerated NeuroConversion!

Throughout the writing, one finds clear examples of how cleverly written it is; David makes difficult and dense subject matter easy to understand…. a true call to action, for every man and woman wishing to better understand internal driving forces, and how to better re-channel them. Great Job!”


Brenda Allen Mayor, City of Campbellsville

“I am pleased to recommend Mr. David Alan Kingsbury. I have known David most of his life and I know him to be an honest and reliable person. He has worked very hard in various professional positions [and is] a very friendly and outgoing person who works well with people. I know if you choose to retain him he will do an outstanding job.”


Kathy Picard International Speaker, Award-Winning Author

“WOW! What an incredible book you have written! It truly opens up one’s mind to the mindset of “IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE” to have the life you want and deserve to have! Through your examples, challenges, and facts it has made me realize the possibilities are endless.

I wish I knew of this pathway when I was younger and experiencing the trauma of sexual abuse as it may have made my recovery process a shorter one than what I endured. David, thank you for writing this book, sharing your knowledge, and helping so many!”

Larry A. “Fella” Wilson Senior Minister, Woodlawn Christian Church

“David is truly one of the most gifted scholars I have ever met. His desire to learn and deepen the well of knowledge from which he draws is one of the first things I noticed about him as we grew to know one another, and I have delighted in the conversations we have shared on subjects both profound and superficial. He is an expressive writer with an impressive ability to take the reader on a journey of the mind. He is beyond his years in both knowledge and skillful communication.

But in spite of all these truths, the most impressive truth about David Kingsbury is his spiritual depth. David loves the Lord, and it shows. His daily life reflects a desire to be like Jesus and to lead others to do the same. Those who know him know that this relationship was born out of a sincere gratitude for forgiveness and mercy, and it has grown to be the most obvious characteristic one could notice about him. In conclusion, it is my pleasure to recommend David Kingsbury. I would consider any institution with whom he would be associated to be fortunate to have him.”

Dr. Susan Howell Professor of Psychology

“I believe Mr. Kingsbury is a person with the strength of his convictions and one who lives out the faith he professes. I recommend David Kingsbury as someone who is a person of intelligence, excellent communication skills, and strong values.


Karen Jacobs-White, NCC, LPCC, CADC CRC Program Manager

“I have found Mr. Kingsbury is a dedicated, conscientious and effective clinician who provides his clients with a good deal of individualized attention relevant to their treatment goals. In addition, Mr. Kingsbury has demonstrated excellent assessment and diagnostic skills and is very familiar with the ASAM criteria for determining appropriate level of care for a prospective client. Mr. Kingsbury is extremely well organized and strives for excellence in all aspects of his career.”

Pam McNall, BS Former CNN Producer, Founder & CEO of

“Accelerated Neuro Conversion (ANC) is a gift you give yourself. It does not require diagnosis or layers of treatments and bureaucracy. It’s for the average person who’s looking to change their life for the better. To me, it’s a more personalized, intimate way to effect personal change. The layers of doctors, labels, and prescriptions all fall by the wayside.

I feel ANC can positively impact the education industry by helping trauma-affected students who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE). School social workers and other education professionals offer tremendous help to these students, empowering them to overcome. Combining their hard work along with ANC, these children will bounce back quickly, building even more resilient kids. Quoting EducationDive’s article Lessons in Leadership: How an alternative school improved behavioral outcomes with a neuroscience approach: “If you look at educational research, the cutting edge right now is understanding the brain. When you look at schools, what do they do? They manage behavior and they teach students. And to learn, you need memory, and everything happens in the brain.”

Have you ever found yourself on a big high with things going great, yet you still somehow continue your old self-sabotaging thoughts? Your old stored pathways rear their ugly heads, and even in your grandest moment, your self-doubt becomes your biggest enemy. ANC remasters this broken record.

What I appreciate most is the, “Get the job done,” style of ANC. It’s about changing the trajectory of your future, with fervor and gusto. Not by protective baby steps, but with big, impactful leaps. It gives you the strength and confidence to embrace risk, not avoid it.”

Terry Reams, Psychologist, CADC Operations Director for Communicare, Inc. and former Chair of the Kentucky ADC Board

“Mr. Kingsbury has a genuine concern for his clients, having demonstrated his competence in a variety of treatment settings. I highly recommend him.”

Vicki Williams, LCSW Clinic Manager

“David [demonstrates] excellent knowledge and application of therapy [principles] with a diverse range of clients.”


Mark La Palme Sr. Founder & Chief Executive, Isaiah House, Inc.

“I met Mr. Kingsbury in 2014 shortly after our former Clinical Director passed away suddenly from cancer. After interviewing several candidates for the position myself I narrowed the choice down to two candidates, one of whom was Mr. Kingsbury. Both of these candidates were then brought in to be interviewed by the clinical team which, at the time, was comprised of three LPCA’s and one CADC. Mr. Kingsbury was chosen unanimously by the team as our Clinical Director in December of 2014.

I must admit that we from 2010 to 2013 went through some rather poor examples of clinicians. In 2010 we became AODE licensed and in 2014 BHSO licensed. In 2013 we began to pursue Joint Commission accreditation. I say all of this to paint the picture of how crucial David’s role was and is for Isaiah House. We received our Accreditation in November of 2015 with no deficiencies in the clinical department. When David began at Isaiah House he had an upward climb. With Isaiah House being case management focused and peer-driven, his job was to slowly turn Isaiah House into a clinical model that excelled in every area without compromising the intricate holistic nature of our program. Not only did he do just that but he did so with character and integrity every step of the journey.

In January of 2015, Mr. Kingsbury took on the difficult task of auditing the entire program in order to ensure that we were hitting all our marks for AODE, BHSO, and any insurance requirements for billing. He did so not at our prompting but his own desire to ensure that not only he but his staff and the program were operating at a level that would minimize any and all risk. Mr. Kingsbury handed in a multi-page report on potential areas of risk not only within his department but others in the system. In November of 2015, we not only received National Accreditation but also had two Kentucky State Inspector General inspections both with no deficiencies.

In just 18 months he has been instrumental in growing his team of 3 to a team of 13. He has overseen the addition of and clinically directs our Medicaid program. And in the next 6-12 months will oversee and direct the addition of 2 more. As an administrator, I value having Mr. Kingsbury as a key member of my team. I value him because he is well-rounded but more so because the nature of his integrity and character is something he protects with every fiber of his being. This means that he protects those that we serve and the wonderful people that work beside and under him. If you’re looking for diligence, honor, integrity, character, sacrifice, approachability, and someone who is teachable and humble, then he’s your guy”.


Kim Tully, LCSW Outpatient Psychotherapist

“I have observed David [Kingsbury] to always act in accordance with ethical standards. He has demonstrated a willingness and ability to appropriately utilize therapeutic interventions to benefit his clients. He is very knowledgeable and demonstrates a desire to always be increasing his clinical skills.”

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