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Are you wanting to start a business, a treatment center, or increase the programs of your existing one? Join the ranks of now-flourishing companies that skipped the pains of “Trial-And-Error” and rapidly launched new centers or expanded services, thereby outpacing competitors and boosting profits. Take advantage of powerful insider secrets guaranteed to accelerate your profitability!

Kinged, LLC professional consulting services could be your gateway to a secure future knowing rough economic seas are far behind. With expertise spanning various industries, David Kingsbury’s renowned psychological consultation skills shine in the treatment world. Specializing in Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), hospitals, and more, he understands the unique challenges and requirements of these facilities. if you operate in healthcare, now is the perfect time to seize profitable opportunities and make a positive impact.

With a wealth of experience as a psychotherapist, clinical service coordinator, and executive director, David Kingsbury has successfully developed mental health and substance abuse programs across all levels of care. Whether opening a new center or expanding existing services, navigating complex regulations and accreditation standards becomes seamless with Kinged, LLC.

Supercharge your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Is your organization struggling to identify and leverage its strengths? our expert consulting services can help you uncover and maximize your unique capabilities, empowering you to achieve extraordinary results.

Is your company feeling overwhelmed by the transition from paper charting to Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

Our consulting services can help you navigate this complex logistical challenge and ensure a smooth transition.

Are you struggling to maintain compliance with state or federal regulations?

We specialize in decoding and implementing regulatory requirements, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your operations.

Is your organization facing accreditation hurdles from bodies like Joint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)?

Our expert consultants can guide you through the accreditation process, helping you meet the necessary standards and enhancing your reputation.

Are you experiencing difficulties with resource management, staffing, or training?

We offer customized solutions to optimize your resources, attract and retain top talent, and provide the necessary training for your team.

Don’t let the challenges of the healthcare industry hold you back. Our consulting services are here to support you, address your specific needs, and supercharge your strengths while eliminating weaknesses. Reach out to us today to revitalize your potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Turn the ship around

More than just consultation.

Kinged, LLC professional consulting services can boost your income in three tangible ways:

  • Damage control: prevent pitfalls and eliminate ineffective procedures, policies, and practices that sabotage future success.

  • Service improvement: enhance existing services, reinforce weak areas, and optimize infrastructure for higher collections and improved efficiency.

  • Company expansion: Harness untapped resources and innovative strategies for massive growth potential, such as adding new services or optimizing existing centers.

We offer more than just consultation. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Public speaking engagements to promote your facility or inspire its supporters.

  • One-on-one staff improvement through Accelerated Neuroconversion (ANC) or professional coaching.

  • Copywriting services for regulatory and accreditation-compliant documentation, including policies, processes, clinical forms, chart construction, marketing material, and more.

  • Real-time clinical or employee group trainings to increase competency, improve client outcomes, enhance treatment effectiveness, and substantiate medical necessity.

  • Utilization and interpretation of personality inventories for company executives to enhance collaboration and company effectiveness.

  • Drafting and presenting formal board of directors proposals for program or service expansion to garner support and secure approval.

Experience outstanding results with Kinged, LLC. Apply today to unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable success!

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