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Accelerated NeuroConversion®

Want to achieve your dreams by accelerating your growth? Feeling held back from reaching your full potential? It’s a common experience. Whether you call it a glass ceiling, a brick wall, or a stumbling block, it’s frustrating to face what seems like insurmountable obstacles and setbacks. Despite your overall success, you may desire a promotion, better relationships, more respect, or increased profitability. You’ve likely tried various approaches that ended up being unsuccessful or a waste of time and effort.

Imagine life as a game of checkers. In this game, there are two individuals: one restricted by limiting rules and capabilities, and the other who has reached an advanced level and become “Kinged.” The Kinged individual has access to a new set of strategies, with the ability to move forward, backward, attack, withdraw, and collaborate with allies. Their chances of survival, personal success, and triumphant outcomes dramatically improve compared to their restricted opponent.

Kinged LLC can guide you to unlock your full potential and gain a competitive edge. Our approach is rooted in the principles of accelerated NeuroConversion®(ANC), Which enables you to develop the mindset, skills, and resilience needed to thrive in today’s competitive world. With our guidance, you’ll gain clarity, enhance your performance, and make significant progress towards your goals.

What is ANC?

Accelerated NeuroConversion® is a powerful tool whose principles are utilized by professionals in management, business, finance, education, ministry, performing arts, sports, military, healthcare, technology, communication, law enforcement, hospitality, and science. It is a key factor in the success of top-tier individuals in various fields

ANC is not:

An opinion, lecture, or blanket advice given by generic motivation-enhancement “Gurus.”
A “Feel Good” self-help course that simply boosts your ego.
Coaching, counseling, or mere education.
A “Bait And Switch” gimmick that over-promises and under-delivers.
Available anywhere else. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

ANC is:

A scientific method backed by objective research.
A precise set of techniques that are evidence-based.
A system of altering neurological structure to maximize optimal life functioning.
A proven method of lasting transformation guaranteed to achieve real results.
Genuine ANC is available ONLY through David Kingsbury or facilitators he has trained and certified via Kinged, LLC

The key to dominating obstacles and shaping your future is harnessing the power of your own mind!

The concepts of ANC are used by doctors to enhance patient care, writers to refine their craft, military officers to sharpen their combat skills, and business owners to improve sales and grow their companies, among many other applications.

As the only provider of evidence-based neurological transformation through ANC, Kinged, LLC delivers proven results by combining behavioral modification, existential development, social restructuring, and systematic fortification. ANC offers a fast track to realizing maximum potential in personal and professional life, ensuring ongoing success and enabling individuals to reach new heights in pursuit of their goals.

Reprogram Your brain NOW and start seeing amazing results!

Our guarantee

If at the end of your ANC course you aren’t satisfied with the results you’ve obtained, we will give you a referral to another provider or life coach of your choosing plus $1,000 towards the cost of working with them instead. I guarantee there’s zero risk of you walking away empty-handed. That’s how confident I am in this method of transformation.

This is because ANC has so much to offer!

You can never achieve more than your perceptions will allow.

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Clinical Accelerated NeuroConversion Services

Are you struggling with mental health issues and would like to pursue Clinical Accelerated NeuroConversion (C-ANC) as a treatment option? If so, please select the link below to access your application for candidacy.

*Please note that, currently, C-ANC is available only to residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, United States, or to those physically receiving C-ANC services in that area.
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