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Burnout coaching

Managing burnout is a complex process that requires surface-level logistical changes and deeper, self-regulation changes. When I work with clients on this Issue, I always suggest key strategies such as setting boundaries, effective self-care, and prioritization. While these things are intuitive, there are usually challenges that prevent people from actually implementing them and doing so consistently.

We ignite the champion and the underdog alike. If you’re willing to take the necessary steps, then Kinged, LLC is able to lay fresh wood and start an obstacle-consuming wildfire in the midst of your situation. Like you, we recognize the partiality of employers, the frivolousness of associates, and the fickleness of the market. As a unified force, you, Kinged, LLC, and all its like-minded allies stand together against these unfair circumstances, overturning setbacks and transforming possibilities as we charge forward unto elevated potential.

Your personalized Rx for burnout

Deeper issues of burnout concern the reasons why one first began working in their particular field, recognizing if one’s role is still fulfilling those reasons, and making changes necessary for recapturing the passion they once had. Often, people think there is a quick “Magic Bullet” solution when, in reality, they didn’t find themselves in this state overnight and likely won’t emerge from it that easily either.

A pressure cooker doesn’t do a massive burst-release of pressure and then go back to holding it all in like a bomb, hoping it won’t explode until the next burst-release. Instead, it has a built-in valve that continuously vents the stress and pressures so it can function effectively. Managing burnout is a lot like this. I use the techniques of Accelerated Neuroconversion to help my clients develop this “Valve,” adjust the burner temperature, and improve their effectiveness to restore the joy they once had in their professional work.

If you feel like your valve is “Stuck” and you’re ready to blow or if you’d like to learn more about how to recapture your focus and impact, please reach out to share more about your situation and how I can help you.

“You don’t show up on game day and expect to be great. Greatness happens in practice. You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

Michael Jordan

The win goes to those who want it the most.

Kinged, LLC offers specialized services with remarkable success rates. Coaching is no exception since it provides a balanced approach for broader development in a flexible format.

A study from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that:

  • 80% of clients improved their self-confidence.

  • 73% of clients improved their relationships

  • 72% of clients improved their communication skills

  • 67% of clients improved their work-life balance

PLUS a whopping 99% of clients who hired coaches report being satisfied with 96% of them stating they would hire a coach again.

Kinged is the only provider of evidence-based neurological transformation through ANC and can help you reconnect with your friends, family and most importantly, Yourself.

Discover why winning is a byproduct of living passionately.

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Burnout Calculator

This tool will allow you to examine yourself for burnout. By considering the way you feel about your job, your peers, and your performance, it identifies the level of burnout risk you may be facing.

Please note that this tool is simply a screener that gives a general idea of your current circumstances and is only to be used as a guide. For those who prefer rigorously validated tests, we suggest you use the Maslach Burnout Inventory or, even better, have a formal assessment conducted by a qualified professional.


Select your response that best matches each question. Once done, use the “Calculate my Risk” button to total your score and see its interpretation.

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