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Burnout makes you less effective, steals promotions, shatters relationships, sabotages influence, and leaves you and your efforts in a rut. ‌ Whether you know what’s holding you back or are simply unsure how to push forward, a solution exists. ‌ As a fellow healthcare provider, I’ve experienced the overwhelming effects of burnout firsthand and I’ve seen colleagues shift from passionate healers to cynical workers just “Going Through The Motions.” Maybe this is you. If so, know that you are not alone. I’m here to help.

The key to restoration and lasting success?

It is your mind.

It’s never what you have to do to achieve something. It’s always who you have to be to achieve it.

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My name is David

And I’ve spent over a decade making complex psychological principles simple so people can achieve their dreams and life goals.

You may have recognized you need better assistance than standard life coaches or business consulting firms can provide. Relax, you’re in safe hands as I can offer unique expertise most lack.

As a dual-licensed professional clinical counselor, I can deliver top-tier guidance as well as front-line experience about what really works in the field. This applies both to personal change as well as to business construction and growth by using proven psychological principles that achieve lasting results.


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ANC: Cure healthcare burnout in three powerful steps.

The Rx for burnout is developing high performance habits through the principles of Accelerated NeuroConversion.

I help burnt out healthcare professionals overcome disappointment and frustration to recapture their passion and purpose. My 3-step program uses the principles of Accelerated NeuroConversion to help professionals regain their passion, energy, and motivation.

The steps of ANC are simple:

As a dual-licensed clinical behavioral health provider and the developer of ANC, I’m happy to be your guide on this journey to restoration, prosperity, and renewed purpose.

Return to the beginning to reignite passion


Reconstruct the present to harness lost energy


Conceptualize the future to supercharge motivation

Are You Suffering From Burnout?

As a healthcare provider, I have experienced my fair share of burnout. The physical and emotional demands of the job can take a toll on even the strongest of individuals. This results in burnout, which can be a significant problem if not addressed.

Firstly, burnout can lead to a decrease in the quality of care that we provide to our patients. When we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we may make mistakes or overlook important details. We may also be less patient and empathetic with our patients, which can negatively affect their experience.

Burnout can also lead to a decrease in job satisfaction and motivation. We may feel like we are just going through the motions and not making a meaningful impact. This can lead to a decrease in our overall job performance and a lack of fulfillment in our personal lives.

Work with me

Evidence-based life and executive coaching

For professionals wanting to be the best version of themselves personally and relationally, coaching services go beyond mere support and instead tap the psychological techniques I’ve used to help clients transform their lives without the need for formal clinical treatment.

Executive consulting and program development services

And for those wanting to reach new heights, whether that means increasing career opportunities, launching a behavioral health business, or supercharging their current venture, consulting services provide you with the same springboard I’ve used to help others avoid dead ends and expand company revenues by millions of dollars.

Public speaking and training

Some organizers are content to recruit gratuitous speakers or minimally-qualified trainers and receive mediocrity as a result. But don’t you think that, for the time and effort you’re expending to make your presentation a success, you should receive a tangible benefit for having done so?

Stop just talking about change or making an impact and instead begin walking in it.

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As you may have noticed, my business is called “Kinged,”

Which refers simply to reaching a new level of power or abilities, like a checker piece reaching the opposite side of the board and becoming much stronger. In the same way, our mission is to give you the royal treatment so you can be more and do more than you ever could before. If you’re ready to begin taking steps toward changing your circumstances and living your dreams, then I’d be honored to come alongside you and bridge the gap between what is and what can be.

Discover why winning is a byproduct of living passionately.

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