Distinguished Clinician and Expert Psychotherapist

David Kingsbury is a driven clinician with a personal mission to help others overcome adversity and discover their life purpose. Having conquered childhood trauma, PTSD, depression, and substance abuse, he brings a unique perspective to his work. with degrees in Psychology, Theology, and Clinical Counseling, David has helped countless individuals struggling with mental illness and addiction using a variety of evidence-based therapies. His expertise has been honed in multiple treatment settings, and he holds dual clinical licenses, national board certification, and international reciprocity. Through his unwavering commitment to delivering lasting value, David has created a ripple effect of positive change that will resonate for generations to come.

“I see my career less as a job and more as a calling. I don’t think I’ve experienced the things I have or acquired the skills I possess by chance or coincidence. my heart is to make a difference in people’s lives individually and to make a positive impact in this industry as a whole. So, really, each encounter is an opportunity, a chance to give back some of what I’ve been given.”

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Steadfast Mentor

David Kingsbury has mentored and trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners, business professionals, and executives, imparting his expertise to the next generation. He has a talent for simplifying complex topics and distilling key concepts into practical action steps. David has delivered presentations and educational seminars for universities, government agencies, and private corporations, helping mentees expand their skillsets and discover creative solutions to their challenges. Whether in the classroom, through one-on-one professional coaching, or at public speaking engagements, David’s engaging and relatable style leaves a lasting impact on those he teaches.

Executive Consultant
David Kingsbury is a master at cultivating strategic partnerships between individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry. His expertise has led to the development of clinical documentation, policies, procedures, and programs necessary for licensure and accreditation. His efforts have resulted in the tripling of provider staff, dramatic budget and revenue growth, the opening of new treatment centers, and the expansion of clinical services. David has served in a management role, leading providers from various disciplines to reach maximum clinical effectiveness and billable capacity. He has also empowered treatment center leadership to implement necessary strategies, including electronic health records, compliance protocols, and performance enhancement procedures. David’s impact on the industry is unmatched.
Innovator and Entrepreneur

As a mental health and business thought leader, David Kingsbury has shared his expertise to help professionals achieve success through targeted strategies. He has written over 70 publications on a wide range of topics, from psychopathology to arts and entertainment. David’s self-help programs and stress management articles have been featured by LIVESTRONG and Demand Media. He has also managed promotional campaigns for companies through advertising, public relations, and professional copywriting services.

David Kingsbury is the creator of the Need-Reduction Model of Addiction©, a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing substance abuse disorders. He has also developed The Composite Hierarchy of Recovery©, a methodology for tracking and scoring treatment center effectiveness. Additionally, David is the founder and CEO of Kinged, LLC®, and the creator of Accelerated NeuroConversion (ANC)®, which aims to transform individuals, businesses, and the personal and professional development field through value-driven and evidence-based principles.

Family Man
David Kingsbury and his wife Tiffany have made a life together on a serene homestead in Campbellsville, Kentucky, where they enjoy the simple pleasures of tending to their garden, watching their Christian faith and two sons grow with each season, and chopping firewood. When not traveling or meeting with clients, David operates his business from his home office nestled among the beautiful Bluegrass hills.


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